Rotarians get wrestling lesson

Hammonton Wrestling addresses Rotary
Paul Dimeglio, left, vice president of the Hammonton Wrestling Club; Clarence Mattioli, center, president of the Hammonton Rotary Club, and Leo Petetti, HWC president at the June 9, 2011 Hammonton Rotary Club meeting at Rocco's Townhouse.

Representatives from the Hammonton Wrestling Club were the special guests of the Hammonton Rotary Club Thursday. June 9, at Rocco’s Townhouse during Rotary’s regular meeting. Leo Petetti, president of Hammonton Wrestling, and Paul Dimeglio, vice president outlined for Rotarians the growth, history, and many achievements of HWC since its foundation in 2004. Open to children in grades one-eight, it provides all comers a chance to compete regardless of age or experience. Its 14 volunteer coaches emphasize fundamentals, sportsmanship, honesty, discipline and respect for authority. The program also values giving back to he community, donating thousands of dollars of sports equipment to Hammonton High School over the years and awarding scholarships to HWC wrestlers who move on to wrestle four years at the high school.


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