Help for MS patients subject of Hammonton Rotary talk

Hammonton Rotary MS talk
Pictured from left are Franco Catania, senior MS area business manager for Genzyme; Micky Doto, Hammonton Rotary Club president; Lee Domenico, MS patient advocate, and Dr. Amos Katz, neurologist and MS expert.

HAMMONTON – The Hammonton Rotary Club heard about available therapies for multiple sclerosis at its regular meeting Monday, Oct. 26 Rocco’s Town House.

Dr. Amos Katz, neurologist with CentraState Medical Center in Freehold, explained the three types of MS, its many possible symptoms, and how the medication Aubagio, made by Genzyme, has been successfully used to give relief to patients with the relapsing remitting type of MS.

Lee Domenico of Hammonton, founder of the MS help group Lee’s MSketeers, described her journey since diagnosis in 2010. Domenico said after many years of not knowing why she was unwell, she has been helped by understanding the disease and receiving treatment with Aubagio.

An autoimmune disorder that attacks the central nervous system, no two people have exactly the same MS symptoms, and each person’s symptoms can change over time. There is no cure and the exact cause is unknown.

While some MS patients get progressively worse and do not respond to treatment, many others can be helped with medication or may have symptoms that are considered mild, Katz said, noting that there are 50 known MS cases in Hammonton.

Learn more about Domenico’s efforts at or on Twitter @JustAGirlWithMS.

To talk to a nurse about your MS questions, call MS One to One at 1-855-676-6326 or see

To learn how to support the Hammonton Rotary Club through its upcoming 50/50 raffle see

You can also follow the Hammonton Rotary Club on Facebook and on Twitter @HammontonRotary.


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